Securus Global has rebranded to Pure Security. Please visit our new website at for more information.

Since 2003, Securus Global has been a trusted partner to major corporations, government departments, and SME’s. We add value and credibility to these organisations by enhancing and enabling their security position through the provision of IT Security Advisory, Assessment and Assurance services and complementary products. Call us to discuss your security risk and compliant requirements.

About Securus Global.

If you are a discerning company that takes security seriously and has high expectations about who you engage and what is delivered to you, Securus Global wants to work with you!

If you are serious about uncovering your risks and improving your businesses security, you need people in your corner who are specialists.The value of any security assessment and advice you receive is completely dependent on the skills, expertise and methodologies of the company and the people you engage.  You need people whose knowledge extends further than just being able to run automated tools, run through a check list and perform basic assessments and tests.

Every member of the Securus Global team is highly experienced and have a deserved reputation for being the go-to-team for serious threats. Securus Global are also one of the longest servicing Qualified Security Assessors for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, are CREST certified and are on numerous panels and approved supplier lists.

If you have worked with us before, you’ll know that security assessments and security consultants are not all the same and with Securus Global the results speak for themselves. If you haven’t worked with us before, test our claims. Talk to Securus Global.

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