Good Business with Ethical Hacking

March 30, 2012

It is universally recognised that a brand that keeps good security measures in place is able to enjoy a better share of market confidence than one that publicly fails to manage the data it holds effectively.

While this may be an obvious marketing benefit of being seen to be conscientious in managing digital security, the financial effects can also be substantial.

Some firms may baulk at the prospect of ethical hacking – having a team of specialists delve into a system from the outside could seem counter-intuitive.

However, the benefits of this sort of activity are also quite weighty, as the trained professionals can uncover blind spots and security gaps before they are ever made public.

This helps to demonstrate a level of corporate responsibility that goes above and beyond legislative requirements, with a proactive stance that improves public perception and client morale.

On top of this, an ethical breach audit helps to serve as an investment in security – allowing the firm to make improvements to their defences and practices before a potentially expensive situation occurs.

In this way, good online security helps to act as a sort of digital insurance that protects against future events – a practice that is always good for business.

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