DSD finalises Apple iOS 5 security audit

April 05, 2012

After months of negotiations and security audits, Apple’s latest mobile operating system has finally been given the green light for use by government agents.

The Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) has given iOS 5 a security certification level – meaning that the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad are all cleared for use with documents classified as Protected as long as they are running with the approved framework.

As part of its approval process, the DSD has issued a guide through the Department of Defence Intelligence and Security that details the steps required before a particular device can be used to store classified information.

While not cleared for storing or perusing information that has a rating of Confidential or above, devices running iOS 5 and set up in the configuration listed in the document can be used to handle data that is classified as Protected.

The DSD also noted that the instructions contained in the paper were quite technical and suggested that they only be carried out by qualified, experienced professionals.

“Some instructions in this guide are complex, and if implemented incorrectly could
cause serious effects to the device, the network and the agency’s security posture,” explained the directorate.

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