Due diligence for disaster recovery

April 09, 2012

Knowing how to react to a data emergency is crucial if a business is to recover from a digital threat – as inactivity or undirected progress can be just as damaging as the initial attack.

This has become increasingly important in recent times due to the noted growth in complexity of many internal systems – not to mention the growth in use of third-party digital services and products.

Part of the problem is that it can be difficult for those inside a business to envisage just how a data disaster could occur – let alone the best methods for containing the threats it could pose.

To really get to grips with these issues, a fresh perspective can provide an insight into the areas of a firm's frameworks where weaknesses lie dormant.

In turn, this kind of thorough reporting can allow for more comprehensive planning actions to be undertaken – not just preventative measures.

This kind of due diligence can result in a powerful disaster recovery framework that takes into account all areas of a firm's operation – not just those that pose an obvious threat.

Security Due Diligence Assessments

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