Vulnerability management for widespread smartphone take-up

April 10, 2012

Global smartphone use will continue to experience double-digit growth in the next five years, mobile analysts at IDC anticipate.

New market analysis from the research firm indicates that by the end of 2012, total smartphone shipments will be up 33.5 per cent compared with 2011 figures – with 659.8 million handsets shipped this year.

Greater smartphone take-up is likely to have implications for merchants who are considering mobile phone payment technology.

Payment Card Insustry Security Standards Council general manager Bob Russo remarked earlier this year that security professionals will need to place more emphasis on mobile payments this year.

Merchants accepting smartphone payments need to keep their focus on security and vulnerability management as the trend continues to grow, he told Information Security Media Group.

IDC anticipates that from 2012 to 2016, smartphone growth will remain in the double digits, with an estimated annual increase of 18.6 per cent for each year of the forecast period.

According to Ramon Llamas, a senior research analyst with the Mobile Phone Technology and Trends team at IDC, take-up of smartphones will primarily be driven by greater selection, lower price points and continued demand from users.

"IDC believes Android will maintain its overall leadership position throughout the forecast period, but competition among BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone will shift position each year," he said.

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