What is ethical hacking?

April 11, 2012

When it comes to online security, there can be a lot of confusion over how to best protect an organisation's digital assets.

A lot of this comes from misunderstandings over just how malicious parties are able to gain access to privileged information in the first place.

Adding to this mix is the range of different terms used by professionals that may seem unfamiliar to those not actively involved in securing online assets.

So it is little surprise that some prospects may be a little nervous over just how an ethical hacking project is supposed to operate.

Perhaps the greatest difference is that instead of applying a suite of diagnostic tools – an activity that can be done in-house – a team is actively deployed to examine the security measures in place and recommend courses of action to eliminate the threats they pose.

No damage is done to the existing online infrastructure – rather the team takes on the role of a third party looking to gain access, then provides a detailed report on their findings along with a list of recommended actions.

In this way a firm can gain information on where their online assets are vulnerable in real terms and action targeted security upgrades before a dedicated attack has the chance to occur.

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