Penetration testing can give a clear picture of the security puzzle

April 26, 2012

From within a business or organisation, the task of providing an objective review of any feature, project or asset can be difficult to manage without it being clouded by certain factors.

In some cases the points under consideration are the results of the efforts of the reviewer, while in others the person in charge is highly likely to know the staff members concerned.

As professional as these individuals may be, it still remains in the best interests of the organisation as a whole to consider the possibility of bias affecting the outcome of a review.

Rather than place the onus on internal stakeholders to prove their detachment from projects that may be very close to their heart, it may be more productive in the long run to simply avoid this scenario entirely.

This is where the value of ethical penetration testing services comes to the fore – with dedicated professionals performing external evaluations in order to determine the most likely avenue of entry for a malicious party.

The main advantage is that a firm will be able to gain an insight into where their coverage may be lacking – with gaps that are obvious to those outside a firm that might not be considered by the professionals immediately responsible for the every operations.

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