Ethical hacking helps advanced security planning

May 23, 2012

Being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of a firm’s security protocols is an integral piece of a diligent manager’s duties – it comes with the territory.

Part of protecting a business’ digital assets is knowing how external parties may attempt to access a particular information stockpile.

While managers can often point to specific areas that would be the most valuable to malicious parties, the problem is that it can be difficult to know exactly how they would execute a breach attempt.

An ethical hacking session performed by accredited professionals can help to give an insight into this pressing security issue – without the danger of actually losing proprietary information in the process.

The expert team can be provided with a brief background on their ‘target’ as well as directions on the avenues of concern to management.

Alternatively they can be given the specific target – perhaps a set of dummy information or a server loaded with outdated files – and directed to access it using any means at their disposal.

Should they be successful, a full report can be provided to the organisation detailing areas of concern, along with a list of recommended actions to help close the gaps.

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