Cybercrime progression requires intelligent security audits

June 02, 2012

As with any criminal undertaking, if there is a measurable profit available to malicious parties they are likely to spend more time on perfecting their skills.

Data theft and other cybercrimes are becoming much more organised as the practices and procedures required to gain access to sensitive information becomes more complex.

This is because the vulnerability management activities performed by professional security managers forces malicious parties to rethink their strategies – slowing them in their tracks.

However, over time and through collaboration, online criminals are able to develop new and innovative approaches to discover penetration avenues.

Of course, this in turn forces the hand of security experts to review and upgrade their defences yet again – or face the consequences that come with complacency.

In short, managing vulnerabilities requires careful use of resources in order to ensure that the constant cycle of penetration attempts and security upgrades does not become the digital equivalent of an arms race.

This is because the cost of protecting information assets should reflect their potential value to both the company concerned and its stakeholders.

Making valuable data out of reach of malicious parties effectively puts an end to what could otherwise be an expensive cycle – with careful planning and regular review, the costs soon become an investment in security rather than a drain on resources.

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