PCI compliance worth the investment

June 05, 2012

Keeping on top of data security commitments can be a difficult task for businesses and firms in the finance industry, as the nature of the game can change rather quickly.

This means that the ideal setup in terms of internal structure and online defences tends to shift on a regular basis – leaving IT professionals and information officers chasing a moving target.

When it comes to handling sensitive client details, help is at hand in the form of dedicated data security standards from the payment card industry (PCI) council.

PCI compliance means that the organisation has met the requirements laid out by the leaders in digital payment technology and has the capacity to protect the information of valued customers and stakeholders.

The good news about achieving this level of internal security is that the necessary frameworks are laid out by a professional body on a regular basis – with industry standards changing to meet the challenges presented by evolving methods of identity theft and payment card fraud.

This means that the organisations responsible for collecting and storing client details do not need to undertake extensive research into these areas – the hard work has essentially been done for them.

With the assistance of an accredited PCI DSS assessment team, a firm is able to have their frameworks reviewed quickly and professionally for any potential gaps that may have been overlooked.

From there, recommendations can be made in regard to the efforts needed to shore up any potential breach points – either on their own terms or with the assistance of a professional security provider.

Once these areas have been dealt with, the PCI assessment can be provided and the organisation will be able to continue serving its stakeholders with confidence.

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