Managing PCI compliance across multiple channels

June 08, 2012

Growing businesses are bound to face a number of serious challenges as they develop – especially as the number of customer contact points starts to grow.

For some organisations this translates directly across to an increase in staffing numbers and retail outlets or distribution centres, while others may simply begin to free their products or services across a wider geographic range.

No matter which one of these options are taken by managers, the end result is that the organisation is likely to be in a position where it collects and handles more information from the  payment card industry (PCI).

While this phenomenon depends largely on the proffered transaction method of the client base in question, the ease and security of PCI solutions make them an obvious choice for growing firms.

However, expansion planning needs to take these payment methods into account and ensure that the financial channels are as secure as possible.

In particular, each new sales outlet, retail point or service provider plays a part in delivering PCI compliance across the range of transactions it will cover in the course of normal operations.

In a very real way these activities help to serve as an investment in the security of client details – including potentially sensitive data such as contact information.

This places the issue of PCI compliance firmly in the best interests of the organisation that is undertaking the expansionary activities – as it acts as both a secure vehicle for inbound payments and as a brand building tool that inspires client confidence.

On the flipside, keeping systems in place that do not comply with the payment card industry’s data security standards only serves to damage a reputation should it come to light – or worse, expose valued customer and client details to malicious parties.

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