Increasing popularity of BYOD a security risk, study confirms

June 25, 2012

Handheld devices such as tablet computers and smartphones are revolutionising the way modern offices do business. However these gadgets can bring with them a variety of risks for anyone who fails to ensure the security of their company.

Network security company Fortinet has released the results of a recent survey into the popularity of these new forms of technology and the growing population of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users.

The firm surveyed 3,872 university graduates from 15 different countries – all in their 20s and in full time employment – who owned their own smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

It found that while 42 per cent of respondents understood the increased risk of data loss and exposure to security threats that comes with BYOD, 36 per cent admitted that they would still take the chance of bringing such devices into work even if corporate policy forbid them to do so.

Furthermore, 30 per cent of those surveyed admitted that they would be willing to use non-approved applications in the workplace.

‘The survey clearly reveals the great challenge faced by organisations to reconcile security and BYOD,’ said Fortinet’s international vice-president of international sales and support Patrice Perche.

“Within such an environment, organisations must regain control of their IT infrastructure by strongly securing both inbound and outbound access to the corporate network,”

If you are concerned about the risk that BYOD brings to your workplace, it may be worthwhile to consider a Due Diligence Assessment in order to fully assess any threats and compliance gaps in your system.

Due Diligence Assessments provide you with the means to evaluate whether your business is fully protected against the latest security risks, and equip you with the information necessary to ensure that you remain protected in the future.

Microsoft recently announced that it would be entering the tablet market with the release of the Surface, a move that is sure to bolster the popularity of BYOD even further.

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