Trend Micro report highlights dangers of smartphone applications, social engineering, zero-day exploits

October 24, 2012

Trend Micro has released its security roundup report for the third quarter of 2012, shedding new light on the changing nature of modern cybersecurity threats.

According to the report, which is entitled Android Under Siege: Popularity Comes at a Price, the number of high risk applications targeting smartphones running the Android operating system has exploded over the past few months.

In June, Trend Micro claims there were only around 30,000 of the aforementioned dangerous applications; however as of September that number had skyrocketed to 175,000.

That will be of concern to any organisation currently investigating or implementing BYOD strategies in the workplace.

It also highlights the importance of having a strong vulnerability management strategy regarding the use of smartphones and other portable devices on company networks.

said Trend Micro chief technology officer Raimund Genes in a statement issued October 22.

noted Mr Genes.

The report also highlights the danger of social engineering through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to Trend Micro, only 50 per cent of Facebook users are evaluating their privacy settings once every two to three months.

The best way to protect your organisation against the threat of social engineering is through a Red Cell ethical hacking assessment which can offer an all-encompassing evaluation of a business s security systems.

Ethical hacking replicates a real world attack threat by utilising common and uncommon cybercrime techniques in order to determine where a legitimate hacker might gain access.

Trend Micro s third quarter report also notes that zero-day exploits have re-emerged as a threat over the past quarter, following the recent identification of high profile vulnerabilities in both Java and Internet Explorer.

With a new operating system being released soon, Trend Micro predicts that more exploits may emerge in the near future.

That should serve as a reminder to all businesses that it is important to conduct penetration testing any time new technology is integrated into an organisation in order to determine where new vulnerabilities may have been created.

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