Ethical hacking provides comprehensive vulnerability management

March 27, 2013

There are many different ways in which a cybercriminal might look to gain access to a secure server or database, which is why comprehensive vulnerability management requires a multifaceted approach.

It's true that penetration testing evaluations and security audit assessments are a great way to determine whether there are any particular backdoors or exploits that a cybercriminal might choose to target when attacking your enterprise

But to truly get a grasp on whether or not your enterprise is properly securing the information of both employees and customers, it is worthwhile going a step further.

An ethical hacking evaluation fully simulates a legitimate cyberattack on your enterprise, in a manner that preserves full safety, confidentiality and productivity.

A trained team of expert ethical hackers will utilise all the tools at their disposal in order to attempt to access either a legitimate piece of sensitive company information or a deliberately-placed dummy file.

Either way, the team will work in a non-disruptive fashion that will not compromise the day to day operations of your business.

At the same time however they will willingly exploit any and every potential vulnerability that could potentially be utilised by legitimate cybercriminals.

Whilst most decision makers and business leaders might find themselves unnerved at the thought of such a procedure, the reality is that a simulated hacking event is dramatically less invasive than a real security breach.

As evidence, one need only look back over the last six months and review the high profile incidents which occurred at a number of international organisations in this time.

According to the 2012 Cyber Crime and Security Survey Report – which was released by the National Computer Emergency Response Team in February – one in five Australian organisations were impacted by a cyber-incident last year.

Statistics like that are undeniable proof that in an age in which cyber threats are constantly evolving both in terms of sophistication and severity of impact, it is worthwhile going the extra mile to achieve absolute security.

By utilising a range of modern and innovative cybercrime techniques such as social engineering, an ethical hacking team can provide your organisation with a comprehensive assessment of any vulnerabilities or chinks in the armour that may be putting you at risk.

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