Frost & Sullivan analyse data breach risks in contact centres

May 27, 2013

A new whitepaper released by Frost & Sullivan analyses the risk of data breaches for contact centres and also highlights the importance of PCI compliance .

The paper, titled 'Protect Customers with PCI Compliance' aims to help contact centre managers understand what they can do to improve data security measures, identify and prevent cybercrime.

One way to help prevent the threat of cybercrime in your organisation is to focus on complying with PCI DSS guidelines, which are designed to help increase controls around customer payment card security and reduce the risk of credit fraud.

"Compliance with data standards like PCI DSS is entwined with preventing data theft," Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Brendan Read said in a May 23 statement.

If you're worried about the level of PCI compliance in your own organisation, it may help to seek guidance from a trusted security solutions provider.

Suffering a security breach can have a very harmful effect on the customer relationship, especially when sensitive information such as payment card data is jeopardised.

Securus Global is one of the most experienced qualified security assessor (QSA) companies in the Asia-Pacific region, and are able to work closely with clients to develop new policies and procedures to ensure they are meeting the data security standard for the payment card industry.

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