Authorities bust international carding racket

June 11, 2013

The alleged leaders of a $200 million carding racket have been arrested in Vietnam, in news that may encourage Australian organisations to step up their vulnerability management .

Alleged ringleaders Van Tien Tu and Duy Hai Truong were arrested along with at least ten other people in Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

The illegal scheme saw credit cards issued in America and Europe being charged by Mr Truong and the other people involved in the racket from 2007 until this year.

According to prosecutors in the case, the group established several websites using the name 'mattfeuter' where stolen personal and financial information was exchanged between members of the group.

The numbers of over one million credit cards were sold on these sites, with victims who entered personal information on retail websites being particularly targeted.

This case highlights the importance for businesses of following the payment card industry data security standard .

PCI compliance is essential for any company which stores customer payment card data and other financial information, as this type of data is highly sensitive.

A breach of security in this area could have severe consequences for the client relationship, so it would be a prudent decision to ensure your organisation is compliant with the standards set out by the PCI Council.

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