Australia targeted by cyber attacks ‘every week’

June 14, 2013

Australia is being subjected to dozens of cyber attacks every week – and they are becoming more frequent.

This is the warning issued by security analysts, who explained that the severity of these attacks is also increasing as time goes on, AAP sources report.

Major General Stephen Day, deputy director of cyber and information security at the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), said that it is a "daily struggle" to keep track of these events.

Addressing the Australian Defence Magazine cyber security summit in Canberra, he explained that the ASD dealt with almost 1,800 cyber incidents last year – up from 1,259 in 2011.

Emphasising the need for vulnerability management , Major General Day noted that there have been 789 attacks so far this year, although many more will no doubt have gone undetected.

This follows research released by Symantec in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute, which showed that around two-thirds of data breaches that occurred last year were a result of system problems and human error.

This illustrates the need for companies to ensure that all aspects of their business are aware of the risk of data breaches, as employee mishandling of confidential information was identified as a major problem.

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