We shouldn’t be responsible for mobile app security, Australians say

June 19, 2013

Companies and service providers should take responsibility for mobile application security , rather than everyday consumers, a new survey has found.

Carried out by Newspoll, the research showed that 80 per cent of people think that the provider of the service linked to an app – such a bank – should be responsible for the data they collect.

The survey was conducted as part of the Unisys Security Index released last month, Computer World reports, with respondents asked to name who they thought should be accountable for financial data stores in apps.

Speaking to the website, Unisys Asia-Pacific security program director John Kendall explained that in some cases, companies are open about the data that they collect.

"This may be positioned as a convenience to the user, such as a mobile app designed to help insurance company customers collect information at the scene of an accident and submit a claim on the spot," he commented.

However, what people need to be aware of is that there could be some malicious coding that is designed to gather data, which Mr Kendall believes users need to be responsible for.

The latest Unisys Security Index for Australia revealed that almost three-quarter of Australians are concerned about a potential data breach of their financial information held by banks and credit card companies.

Meanwhile, 67 per cent said they were worried about the safety of personal data held by telecommunications and internet service providers, while government services concerned 59 per cent of respondents.

High-profile data breaches are one of the major reasons for this level of anxiety, such as the cyber attacks affecting the Reserve Bank of Australia's computer networks.

Unisys noted that this sends out a clear signal to the government that people are sensitive to these attacks and that every step possible needs to be taken to safeguard their data.

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