Ubisoft confirms data breach

July 04, 2013

Users of Ubisoft's Uplay site have been warned that their personal data may have been compromised following a security breach that originated from its online systems.

Hackers targeted sensitive data such as email addresses and passwords, but the company explained that it does not retain any financial information so this is not under threat.

Ubisoft revealed that credentials were stolen and used to illegally access the online network, leading it to email users and request that they change their passwords immediately.

Passwords stored by the site are kept as an obfuscated value, meaning they can be cracked by cyber criminals, especially if the password is weak.

Once the breach had been identified, Ubisoft closed off access to the site before starting an investigation with the relevant authorities, as well as internal and external security experts.

A security audit is now being carried out to ascertain how systems can be strengthened and avoid a situation like this arising again in the future.

Ubisoft assured users that there is currently no evidence to suggest that this attack was related to any other incident faced by other gaming companies over recent months.

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