Operation Echo takes down 11 individuals

May 31, 2014

International law enforcement has apprehended 11 individuals allegedly involved in an organised crime group.

Bulgarian and French judicial authorities, working with the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, executed Operation Echo on May 20, conducting 29 house searches across three cities in Bulgaria.

Individuals were suspected of electronic payment and document fraud, currency counterfeiting and drug trafficking. Three complex skimming equipment production sites were dismantled during the raids, where card readers and cameras were discovered.

Payment attacks can be dangerous, and businesses need to ensure constant security when handling any sort of customer payment information.

Operation Echo was the culmination of three separate cases, all connected through different suspects. A joint investigation team was developed to create Operation Echo.

Europol Director Rob Wainwright explained the growth in cyber crime around the EU, and the financial motivations of criminals.

"Crime is conducted more and more online and its character is increasingly transnational. This operation against payment fraud shows the international scale of organised crime, which affects citizens, businesses and our collective security," he explained.

Cyber crime continues to grow around the world, with the number of breaches continuing to climb. Businesses are having to now focus on ensuring both physical systems as well as digital are secured against attackers.

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