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Research & Development

Technology innovations and security threats to your businesses and systems are continuously evolving. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure our clients are kept abreast of new threats and our security assessments including penetration testing, security product assurance and due diligence assessments are at the forefront of this evolution.

Staying at the front of security threat evolution and preparing for industry trends is a large and continuous undertaking. It is a commitment we take so that our customers can make informed decisions and be prepared for the security threats and challenges as they arise.

Securus Global research is continuously unearthing new vulnerabilities as part of our day to day analysis. On average we find over 100 new and unreported vulnerabilities each month - many in common applications, systems, security appliances and other technologies such as mobile and cloud technologies.

You may ask, why don't you see this in "advisory lists"? For 99% of the work we do, we work under strict non-disclosure agreements with our clients - clients who engage us to find issues and problems before others do.

Many businesses promote all of the vulnerabilities they discover. We do not advocate this practice. Securus Global is committed to responsible disclosure and the reduction of business risk, not the publication of vulnerabilities for corporate press and promotion.

We have strict non disclosure agreements with our clients and therefore they are protected from issues before others.

We have had seven security penetration tests this year done by clients all around the world. None of those were anywhere close to the level of work and findings as that was provided by Securus Global.

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