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Case Studies & Testimonials

Securus Global maintains long-standing client and partner relationships across diverse sectors and industries, local and abroad including but not limited to:

  • Banking and financial services.
  • Telecommunications and entertainment.
  • Product vendors and service providers.
  • Retail and distribution.
  • Professional services organisations. (Law, Technology, Business Services and Financial)
  • Construction and manufacturing.
  • Mining and Primary Industries.
  • Education.
  • Local, State and Federal Government.
  • Other critical infrastructure.

The following testimonials are from real Securus Global clients following real engagements. However we have an unswaying commitment to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and their representatives and therefore we do not publically disclose their identity.

Securus Global will proudly provide you with reference contacts and details should they be needed to evaluate a proposal or as part of a due diligence process.

  • Security Pitfalls of a Shared Portal.¬†Lessons learned from a custom portal development project. Download
  • Securing the Technology Change Agenda.¬†Understanding and managing the security risk of technology change initiatives. Download

What our clients say...

"Ok, those total stats are just embarrassing."
following results of a phishing email sent to the IT Team

CIO Banking and Finance

I want to personally thank you for your work on our PCI DSS audit. Your knowledge and experience really shined through and helped clarify what was our responsibility, what was the client's and most importantly how it all fit in within the context of the PCI council's requirements. You made the process seems so easy, handled it without fuss and easily defused any hot items staying calm and collected at all times. As you know I've already recommended you to another company so hopefully you'll hear from them in the near future and I will certainly recommend that we use you and Securus Global again when the need arises. Thanks for all your help.

Account Security Manager
Independent IT Service Provider

To my team, every job is a personal challenge to help our clients become as good as they can be! We are recognised by world wide industry analysts as an adept and highly technical security organisation. We have a vested interest in our clients success and we value the relationship with all of those that we work with above all else. We look forward to working with you soon

Managing Director
Securus Global

We engaged Securus Global for our PCI-DSS Audit and were immediately impressed with their service. The speed and quality of which they performed the audit was fantastic, and their assistance with any related queries since has been timely and extremely helpful. We have continued our relationship since our initial contact and will be continuing to do so in the future.

Large Payment Gateway

A seemless and enjoyable experience.

Business Sponsor and Project Manager
Enterprise Penetration Testing Team

We pride itself on building strong long term relationships with our customers and business partners alike, the foundation for these relationships being trust, loyalty, professionalism, quality and most of all integrity. We engaged Securus Global for assistance with a number of its customers over the past three years, these engagements all proving that Securus Global share our values and are committed to delivering all worked performed to the highest standard possible.

Service Provider

I must say the Securus Global guys are first rate.

Project Manager
Enterprise Penetration Testing Team

Securus has been partnering with 2 of my organisations for some 5 years now. We continue to use them because of the vast knowledge and experience in IT security. Their expertise and customer service focus allows my organisations to confidently use the Internet as a primary business portal.

Large IT Distribution Company

Once again it has been a pleasure working with Securus Global. We really appreciate Securus Global assisting in making our products more secure. All the recommendations have now been implemented and are in production.

Security Product Vendor

The best part of working at Securus is the culture. Securus has built, and continues to foster, a culture of technical excellence within it's team, and a high standard of professionalism when it comes to dealing with clients. Working at Securus has definitely allowed me to develop my skills both as a penetration tester and a consultant.

Senior Security Consultant
Securus Global

We managed over 80 customer sponsored pen tests against the ServiceNow environment, and from my experience, Securus had the most skilled testers (and that's against approx 30 outsourced pentesting teams).

Director of IT Security
IT Service Management

Securus Global is a key provider of security consulting services. Securus Global staff has always demonstrated a keen eye for detail and incredible technical acumen. We have always been happy with the timeliness and quality of work performed by Securus Global and their flexibility. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.

Security Consultant
Large Telecommunications Provider

I have been using Securus now for about 3 years for my penetration testing. They provide timely expert advice that is second to none. Their team is technically proficient while providing superior customer service. They are a professional organisation that is always a pleasure to work with.

Chief Security Officer
Large Banking Institution

As a leading payment service provider of credit card processing services, must meet with the stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). To meet with this standard, we must be externally audited by a PCI DSS specialist. We chose Securus Global for this business critical task because of their earnt reputation for honesty, integrity, broad security expertise and technical competence. They have consistently provided us with service that has exceeded our expectations and would commend them to any company that values true professionalism.

Development Manager
Card Payment System Provider

The ground work required to operate a successful business has been one of the toughest challenges that faced to date. It is during times such as these that organizations take advantage of any opportunity that they can and in doing so often disregard the position they place their smaller clients in. The team at Securus Global provided in depth explanations and solutions that not only covered the PCI DSS Audit but also aided in the creation and implementation of correct business practices. Tough times call for more organizations like Securus Global. A friendly team that places their clients first and work around the clock to deliver any information necessary. I am excited about the future and working with Securus Global again. The professional service received from the Securus Global team has been second to none. It is my honest belief that we would not be the successful small business that it is today, without the services of Securus Global. That is why we will continue to choose them over anyone else.

Online Merchant and Payment System Provider

We have had seven security penetration tests this year done by clients all around the world. None of those were anywhere close to the level of work and findings as that was provided by Securus Global.

Business Development Manager
Global Software as a Service Provider

Thanks for all your help. Under the circumstances you did an excellent job of maintaining our companies integrity while offering us so much assistance in order for us to get the job done. As discussed, when the dust settles we will get your assistance on what measures we need to take to better protect our network.

Payment System Provider (Undertaking a card brand initiated incident investigation)

We really appreciate the effort you put into the social engineering presentation for our Annual Development Day. Attendance was a record setting > 200 people and as always, you put on a good show that received overwhelmingly excellent feedback. One staff member has already advised she put the lessons learned into action, twice.

Relationship Manager
Banking Institution

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