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Banking & Finance

Managing IT security and risk in the Banking and Financial Services is challenging.

Banking and finance businesses need to increase accessibility and functionality while at the same time becoming more secure as warrant an organization that is a primary target and has significant regulatory requirements.

Complex environments, extensive stakeholders, tighter regulations, greater competition and rapidly evolving business and technology requirements make this a challenging directive.

Securus Global understands the complex relationships between security, technology and the regulation of the banking and finance industry in Australia. We have strong, long-term customer relationships and a 10-year proven track record of successful projects in the banking and finance sector.

Our Business Solutions and Security Assessment teams provide a wide range services including; security management and governance models, risk management, policies and standards, compliance assessments, technical security reviews, virtual security teams and incident investigations.

Our work has helped our clients discover issues in global software and devices that no other security firm or internal testing team has discovered before. It’s the reason why our banking and finance sector client’s come to Securus Global to test their critical systems.

I have been using Securus now for about 3 years for my penetration testing. They provide timely expert advice that is second to none. Their team is technically proficient while providing superior customer service. They are a professional organisation that is always a pleasure to work with.

Chief Security Officer
Large Banking Institution

Examples of some of the work that we have undertaken recently include:

  • Social engineering assessment of senior IT staff in the banking industry
  • Security Assessment of networked branch security systems
  • Multiple person virtual teams to supplement internal security teams.
  • IOS and Android application assessments for:
    * Board paper management application
    * Mobile banking applications
    * Mobile sales force application
  • Security Assessments of IT and security products as part of pre purchase due diligence assessment including HR, superannuation and payroll systems.
  • Security review of staff HR, Superannuation and Payroll system.
  • Security review and design review for national rollouts for ATM migration projects, branch alarm systems.
  • Provision of leading edge product solutions for vulnerability assessment and management; web application firewalls, web application scanners and solutions for configuration audit log and management.
  • Fund member portal reviews.

For more information regarding how Securus Global can help your Banking and/or Financial Services organisation or references for specific projects and engagements, please contact us at or call us on (02) 9283 0255 to arrange for one of our Banking and Finance Relationship Managers to discuss your requirements.

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