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The Education Industry needs an increased focus on IT Security; as a provider of IT Security knowledge distribution and in ensuring that the increasingly connected and open student and staff services can be trusted to provide confidentiality, integrity, reliability and non repudiation.

Securus Global as an independent specialist security advocate has a 10-year proven track record with assisting Universities and other educators meet these needs.

Securus Global understand the complex relationships between security, technology, regulation and the open nature of organisations in the education sector.

We have strong relationships in the Education industry in Australia and in addition to a proven 10 year track record in successful projects, but also as an advisor charting the curriculum of IT Security in several universities.

We have had seven security penetration tests this year done by clients all around the world. None of those were anywhere close to the level of work and findings as that was provided by Securus Global.

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Examples of some of the work that we have undertaken recently include security reviews of various new applications student and staff applications including:

  • Identity Management Systems
  • Blackboard and other student portal systems
  • HR and Internal Sharepoint solutions.
  • Data linking and research systems

For more information regarding how Securus Global can help your Education Institution or references for specific projects and engagements, please contact us at or call us on (02) 9283 0255 to arrange for one of our Education Relationship Managers to discuss your requirements.

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