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Securus Global has strong relationships in the retail industry from small online e-tailers to national retail groups with diverging business interests into other industries.

We can assist with the primary concerns of increasing industry regulatory requirements and greater risk around breach exposure, privacy, copyright, brand damage and industrial espionage in an increasingly complex IT environment.

Securus Global has considerable experience and experience in undertaking security assessments and providing advice on the aspects of IT security and IT risk that impact these businesses.

We engaged Securus Global for our PCI-DSS Audit and were immediately impressed with their service. The speed and quality of which they performed the audit was fantastic, and their assistance with any related queries since has been timely and extremely helpful. We have continued our relationship since our initial contact and will be continuing to do so in the future.

Large Payment Gateway

Recent assistance provided to those in the retail Industry companies include;

  • PCI DSS Gap Assessments and Audits.
  • Penetration Testing of new customer portals, reward systems and mobile applications.
  • Penetration testing of hosted cloud solutions and management of vendors with regards to the remediation of security vulnerabilities.
  • Product Due diligence for
  • Full perimeter environmental scanning.
  • Incident response and emergency testing.
  • Developer ‘secure developer’ training and awareness.
  • Social engineering security assessments.
  • New entertainment ‘device’ security testing.
  • Managed vulnerability assessment.
  • Virtual security teams and personnel.

For more information regarding how Securus Global can help your organisation or references for specific projects and engagements, please contact us at or call us on (02) 9283 0255 to arrange for one of our Relationship Managers to discuss your requirements.

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