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Imperva SecureSphere Data Centre Security Suite

Imperva is the pioneer and leader of the 3 rd pillar of enterprise security “Data Center Security”. The SecureSphere platform fills the gaps in today’s security, left by traditional endpoint and network defenses. SecureSphere is an integrated, end to end solution that directly protects high value applications and data assets in physical and virtual data centers which streamlines and provides a cost effective route to regulatory compliance and establishes a repeatable process for data risk management.

Powering the SecureSphere Data Center Security Suite is a common platform that provides flexible deployment options, unified management, deep analytics and customizable reporting. The SecureSphere platform enables enterprise scalability and accelerates time to value.

Underscoring Imperva's commitment to Data Center Security excellence, the Imperva Application Defence Center (ADC) is a world-class security research organization that maintains SecureSphere's cutting edge protection against evolving threats.

With SecureSphere you can:

  • Protect data located in databases and files in physical or virtual data centers
  • View and analyse rights, control access and monitor data usage for all users, including privilege users
  • Block threats targeted at web applications
  • Virtually patch web applications database vulnerabilities
  • Enable cost effective regulatory compliance
  • Protect against business disruption from serious attacks and improve the ROI of enterprise security

SecureSphere is built on a powerful platform that enables:

  • Flexible deployment options
  • Unified management
  • Deep analytics
  • Customizable reporting
  • Enterprise scalability

SecureSphere is backed by the Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC, a world-class security research organization the maintains the product’s cutting-edge protection against evolving threats).

SecureSphere Product Portfolio:

Database Security:
SecureSphere Database Security provides full visibility into data usage, vulnerabilities and access rights. This allows security, audit and risk professionals to improve data security and meet regulatory compliance mandates.

File Security:
SecureSphere File Security protects vital business content on file servers, NAS devices & SharePoint sites, while conforming to regulatory compliance mandates such as PCI DSS 7, 10 and 11.5.

Web Application Security:
SecureSphere Web Application Security protects organisations against threats such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, DDoS and Fraud, while addressing PCI DSS 6.6 compliance.

DDoS Protection:
Imperva delivers a hybrid on premise and cloud solution to stop application-layer and multi gigabit network DDoS attacks. The SecureSphere Web Application Firewall blocks application DDoS attacks on-premise and DDoS Protection Service for SecureSphere, a managed security service for SecureSphere customers, prevents 350+ Gbps DDoS attacks in the cloud. Organizations that need DDoS attack protection, but do not own SecureSphere, can purchase Imperva Incapsula , an always-on application security service that stops both web attacks and DDoS attacks.

SecureSphere Platform:
With flexible deployment options and administration capabilities, SecureSphere provides the scalabilities adaptability and management you need to achieve state of the art Data Center Security.

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