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Securus Global have been a distributor and subject matter expert for the QualysGuard Vulnerability Management service since 2003. In our experience we find that regardless of the type or size business its supporting, QualysGuard's web services platform, scalability and vulnerability and compliance management functionality makes QualysGuard a sound business decision.

We have helped large banking and telecommunication environments evaluate, setup and manage QualysGuard and ensure that it could be integrated into the various systems and processes used by numerous 3rd Party vendors all providing administration, remediation and reporting functions for distributed management and reporting globally.

We have also helped small merchants, payment system providers and service providers navigate the complexities of PCI DSS in a way that balances finite financial and technical resources using QualysGuard Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance and the PCI Portal

QualysGuard is delivered as Software as a Service and has a number of different security and compliance modules in the suite including Vulnerability Management, Policy compliance, PCI Compliance, Web Application Scanning and a free Malware detection and secure badge seal that can be published on your site. QualysGuard is extremely easy to get started and provides seamless flexibility and scalability on the number of external and internal hosts.



Vulnerability Management
Network Discovery and Asset Prioritization
Identify and Fix Vulnerabilities
Remediation Workflow Engine
Distribute Scanning
Reporting and Scorecards
Report Sharing
Advanced API Integration


QuaysGuard Policy Compliance
Policy Definition and Customization
Compliance Scanning
Compliance Reporting
Exception Handling and Management

PCI Compliance
Network Security Scans
Integration Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Integrated Report Submission & Certification

Web Application Scanning
Crawling and Link Discovery
Assessment of Web Applications
Reporting and Scorecards

Malware Detection
Behavioral and Static Analysis
Automated Alerts

Secure Seal
Perimeter Vulnerability Scanning
Malware Detection
SSL Certificate Validation
Qualys SECURE Seal

Subscription Options and Support
Maximum Number of Users
Maximum Number of IPs
Maximum Number of Scanners


128 Ext. /
3,072 Int.

* Distributed Scanning and report sharing is not applicable for the express subscription and  API Integration is optional

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