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Tripwire Enterprise and VIA

Breaches, exploits and cyber-attacks prey on ambiguity, gaps and oversights. At the epicenter of these threats is your sensitive data. Often they go unnoticed and undiscovered for an average of 5 months – hidden in the terabites of siloed data that organisations manage.

To protect the organization, IT security teams need control and access to the right information. Tripwire IT security software products give CISOs and IT security managers unprecedented control to protect their organization’s critical data and an unprecedented mechanism to filter out the ‘noise’ to enable events of interest to be identified and managed.

Proactive alerts, reports and dashboards combine information in meaningful ways and provide evidence of compliance status and how issues have been addressed.

Quickstart Services

Offered at two levels based on size, Tripwire Quick Starts are ideal for new customers with environments of up to 200 nodes, or for customers wanting to jump-starting a larger Tripwire project. Certified consultant’s work closely with you on-site to help quickly install and configure the core capabilities of your Tripwire product and tune it to meet your key business needs. Finally, we make sure you know how to maintain your implementation so you receive ongoing value .

Remote Quickstart Services

A Remote Quick Start package provides an economical and convenient alternative for customers with environments of up to 25 nodes who need help performing a basic implementation. You work with a certified consultant via a secure network connection and teleconferencing to install and configure your Tripwire product and establish practices for maintaining your implementation to help you maximize the value of your investment are also outlined.

PCI for Stores and Hotels

Tripwire’s PCI for Retail and Hospitality solutions help customers in those industries address PCI requirements for their in-scope IT infrastructure—from the corporate data center out to in-store or hotel servers and point of sale (POS) devices. The PCI Foundation for Stores/Hotels service provides consulting expertise to help these organizations quickly implement Tripwire solutions to immediately receive the security and compliance benefits they offer.

Tailored Implementation

When you have a large (200+ nodes) or complex Tripwire solution, a tailored implementation will provide a customized implementation. Certified Tripwire consultants work with you on-site to define your project requirements and then implement, configure and tune your Tripwire solution to meet these specific needs. They leave you with best practices for maintaining your solution to make sure it continues to meet your critical needs.

Custom Policy Development

Although Tripwire products ship with numerous valuable out-of-the-box policies, almost every organization can benefit from tuning these policies—or developing a completely new one—to meet its unique security and compliance needs. When you engage with our policy team to develop a custom policy that meets your specific requirements, you can be confident that the results are spot-on because you’re benefiting from Tripwire’s breadth and depth of policy expertise.

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