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Assessment and Assurance Services

When it comes to addressing and responding to security threats and business impact, reliable and thorough information is critical. Therefore; when undertaking a security review or obtaining security related advice, you want people who will find the security weaknesses and vulnerabilities – not people who will run tools or only follow checklists to find what is already known.

Whether new technology, hardware, software, application or critical infrastructure, Securus Global can provide thorough technical  risk assessments and assurance reviews.

We work at all levels of implementation and review from advice on the security architecture and design, project risk assessments, through to detailed penetration testing, source code reviews, product assurance and due diligence validations.

We are well known for assessments of bespoke systems, complex multi-level reviews, non-standard platforms and technologies and innovative emerging products and systems. If you have a complex or unique requirement we can also tailor a solution that covers specific requirements and constraints.

The SG Technical Team understand the technology that runs your business and are specialists in vulnerability discovery and exploit development. In addition to being consultants, everyone in the SG Technical Team is also; a developer, researcher and or educator of others in the security testing profession and sought after to present and provide their opinions as experts to industry, media, education and our clients. This guarantees that Securus Global provides a tangible difference in the quality of delivery, advice and the identify weaknesses in the design, development, code or underlying infrastructure that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business and systems.

Our guarantee ensures that you receive the information you need to enhance your businesses security and manage technology risks.

We support our guarantee by making sure that we have the framework to sustain it. Expert testers, a commitment to research and development and structured methodologies aligned to industry standards ensure that you are receiving consistency and quality across time, people and projects.

We pride itself on building strong long term relationships with our customers and business partners alike, the foundation for these relationships being trust, loyalty, professionalism, quality and most of all integrity. We engaged Securus Global for assistance with a number of its customers over the past three years, these engagements all proving that Securus Global share our values and are committed to delivering all worked performed to the highest standard possible.

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