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Penetration Testing

Whether it be your web applications, networks, emerging technologies or security hardware and software, if  maintaining its continuity and protecting the data from fraud and unauthorised access is important to business reputation, compliance and operations, a thorough penetration test is essential.

For important systems it is prudent to go with a reputable company with proven methodologies and superior technical capabilities who can find the security weaknesses and vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive advice on fixing the problems before others find them.

Due to growing importance and demand for security testing, there has been an influx of security testing providers meaning the result and benefits obtained from a penetration test can vary considerably.

Securus Global have established a reputation both here in Australia and globally for our penetration testing results and delivery. It’s why we are the first choice for many of the world’s largest brands that need an independent assessment of the security of their business systems.

Securus Global does not: offshore testing where variables in protection methods and skilled resources which can compromise your sensitive security vulnerabilities, run automated scanning tools or compromise on the capabilities of the security analysts undertaking the testing or performing risk assessments and testing.

Our Penetration Testing System provides our clients with a superior analysis of the systems and applications.  We identify hidden dangerous risks and provide detailed advice to improve security, reduce business risk and maintain compliance with internal and external requirements. Information critical for PCI Compliance, periodic security testing, change management and pre-purchase due diligence.

A Securus Global Penetration Test provides:

  • Creative industry recognized and leading analysts sought after for their knowledge.
  • Robust testing methodologies and integration with industry standards.
  • Customised delivery to meet individual client process and compliance requirements.
  • A comprehensive risk assessment of issues, probability and impact.
  • Assessment of up to the minute vulnerabilities and exploits from our SGLabs™.
  • Detailed remediation advice.
  • A project manager to coordinate and communicate process and internal requirements such as change control.
  • Business Risk and Impact Assessment and ongoing remediation advice.
  • Walkthroughs with your team and stakeholders to explain findings, remediation.

Our reports provide detailed technical advice and a stand alone Executive Report that summarises and articulates technical vulnerabilities in terms of business risk and priority and measures the effectiveness of the following security management components satisfying business sponsors and stakeholders who want a snapshot of the big picture, not page after page of vulnerability lists. Executives, Technical Teams and Decision Makers will obtain a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the systems:

  • Security policies.
  • Intrusion detection & response.
  • Administration processes.
  • Quality of system build and administration.
  • Operational processes and procedures (e.g. server patching).
  • Application development security.
  • Quality of operational and IT outsourcing partner security.

Our guarantee ensures that you receive the information you need to enhance your businesses security and manage technology risks. We support our guarantee by making sure that we have the framework to sustain it through our expert testers, SG Lab and commitment on research and development.

We managed over 80 customer sponsored pen tests against the ServiceNow environment, and from my experience, Securus had the most skilled testers (and that's against approx 30 outsourced pentesting teams).

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