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Business Security Solutions

Securus Global's Business Solutions offer strategic and resource based solutions that assist businesses define, manage and maintain security management practices and programs.

The Business Solutions and Compliance Teams consists of senior management level security professionals who have managed and lead IT and information security teams and departments in Big 4 firms, investment banks, and large organisations. They have dealt with the same problems and issues that you have, and know what works and what doesn't.

Of course, no two businesses and requirements are ever the same.  Solutions are completely flexible and can be tailored in discussion with our analysts. Our methodologies and teams are completely scalable and are therefore suit businesses and enterprises of all sizes looking for a more economical and maintainable approach. Examples of how we can help include:

  • Enterprise security management strategy development.
  • Information security governance.
  • Information security program development.
  • Independent periodic advisory and assurance services.
  • Virtual security people and teams.
  • Project and testing teams.
  • Project assistance and risk assessments.
  • Continuous security assurance programs
  • Independent auditing functions.
  • Security training and development.

Securus has been partnering with 2 of my organisations for some 5 years now. We continue to use them because of the vast knowledge and experience in IT security. Their expertise and customer service focus allows my organisations to confidently use the Internet as a primary business portal.

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