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Penetration Testing Teams

Securus Global Penetration Testing SGVTEAM's ™ provide a flexible solution organisations juggling volumes of projects requiring security testing and assurance.

For internal IT and security teams, the logistics of managing security vendors, penetration tests, issues identification and daily communication with business sponsors and project teams can drain resources and divert attention from core business operations and continuous improvement.

We take care of that middle ground for you. We provide a team of technical and business specialist resources depending on requirements and a project manager responsible for liason and communicaition with your various internal teams within your business and delivering the end result.

We work with many of Australia's largest and most prominent organisations on an average of 3-10 penetration testing projects / resources per month. They work with us because they know we deliver the results to ensure that their systems and applications are secure and the risks are identified. We are also easy to engage and understand the need for flexibility where the project environment, schedules and priorities are constantly evolving.

Benefits of a Penetration Testing SGVTEAM™ include:

  • Reduced daily rate and internal overhead.
  • Central contact and management of projects, schedules and communication.
  • Delivery of reports in your organisations templates.
  • Evaluation of risks and vulnerabilities according to your risk classification matrix.
  • Addressing project and business stakeholder questions and issues.
  • Provision of guidance and advice on test scope and risk assessments.
  • Management of project delays, change periods and conflicting project requirements.
  • Structured, timely delivery of project status reports to project and business stakeholders.
  • Reporting through your Configuration Item and Issues systems.
  • Provision of post engagement follow up consulting and remediation advice.

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