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Securing Your Brand's Image

Little else is more important to a business than brand image as this can affect the way both other businesses and customers think about your company.

Protecting this image can seem difficult, but by being aware of the myriad of security threats - and putting the proper protective measures in place - a business can ensure a brand image is never damaged.

Before moving ahead with security plans, make sure the topics below have been considered and understood. By taking a relatively small amount of time to both assess and put proper security in place, your company's reputation can be protected and financial damage prevented.

Security risks are only set to climb over the next few years as computer systems advance, further demonstrating the importance of protective measures.

Brand Damage: A security or network breach can often mean lasting damage to the brand of a company, especially for businesses in highly competitive markets. Often, businesses find it hard to recover from a substantial security breach if competitors offer a more secure product or service suite.
The resulting loss of business from a security breach can lead to lasting financial damage.
Regular penetration testing can help identify security flaws in your network infrastructure or applications that may be leveraged by attackers to impact your brand's image.

Preparing for a disaster: Putting a disaster recovery in place is a great way to be prepared for a security breach, and ensures brand image always stays protected.
If a system is compromised and sensitive customer information subsequently leaked, it doesn't take long for those same customers to jump ship to a similar provider or service. While the chance of a security breach is lower with a security system, frequent testing should never be neglected due to perceived safety.

Downtime: One of the biggest threats to the brand of a businesses is downtime, caused by a security breach. As a business struggles to restore systems to working order and put higher levels of security in place, customer trust and loyalty quickly wanes.
As a protective measure, frequent vulnerability assessments should be undertaken to identify network and system flaws, allowing time for fixes to be put in place before a problem arises.

Proactive monitoring: This step is perhaps one of the most important, but can be easy for businesses to neglect. When it comes to security, many likely install the proper systems, ensure they're running correctly but fail to conduct regular systems checks.
By being negligent with security, a business can be exposed to a number of risks, as it makes it easy for attackers to breach systems. The best course of action here is proactive monitoring carried out on a regular basis. This includes frequent network and systems penetration tests, in addition to ethical hacking measures.
Failing to utilise necessary security precautions can result in massive security breaches and a subsequent struggle to regain the trust of customers. In this way, a brand image can be permanently damaged.

Securus has been partnering with 2 of my organisations for some 5 years now. We continue to use them because of the vast knowledge and experience in IT security. Their expertise and customer service focus allows my organisations to confidently use the Internet as a primary business portal.

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