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Training Courses

Regardless of technology and processes, ultimately your businesses security depends on people.

At Securus Global we specialise in security and are passionate about passing information and knowledge onto businesses and people serious about improving their security knowledge.

The SGTraining™ program provides interactive workshops that impart practical information and essential tips. We provide the defence strategies to deal with present and emerging threats as well as support for the compliance requirements business face.

Courses include:

  • Understanding Social Engineering -  threats and tactics
  • PCI Developer Training
  • Understanding and Demystifying the PCI DSS
  • Small Vulnerability - Business Risk (for technical teams)

Understanding Social Engineering - Threats and Tactics

A determined attacker is a very real and dangerous threat. When targeting and attacking an organization they will look for the easiest means of attack. More often than not this is not the application or the network. It is people. Facebook, Linked in, tailing are all measures in which an attacker can get sensitive information that assists in compromising the business.

Securus Global provides seminar and interactive workshops to organisations wishing to educate their staff on what to look out for and how to protect themselves. Sessions are presented by the SGRedCell™ team who use these techniques to gain information and exploit organisations during SGRedCell™ Assessments.

Sessions are customized according to individual requirements and can be interactive workshops for small teams (such as boards, fraud detection teams and IT Teams) to large seminars for 200 + people for whole of organization presentation.

PCI Developer Training (CBT Delivery)

The PCI Developer training meets PCI requirements for 6.5a-6.5.10 and 12.6.1b. This is a interactive presentation delivered as a webinar with competency based questionnaire on the security implications of software design and implementation, so developers can apply the techniques to any language they require.

This training provides the organization with a certificate of completion that demonstrates that developers have undergone training and have a competent understanding and application of the requirements of the PCI DSS requirements 6.5a-6.5.10 and 12.6.1b.

Dates: On Demand

PCI Developer Training

The PCI Developer training meets PCI requirements for 6.5a-6.5.10 and 12.6.1b. This is a half-day course on the security implications of software design and implementation, so developers can apply the techniques to any language they require. The training is delivered as a workshop. The semi-formal environment encourages participation and allows developers to work through ideas and problems they may have.

We can tailor content according to individual requirements, procedures and concerns so that training and workshop scenarios are most relevant to the developers and your organisation’s procedures and environment. Please contact us for more information.

Dates: On Demand

Small Vulnerability - Big Business Risk

This training is designed for technical teams and managers and provides an inside understanding and practical of how small vulnerabilities and issues introduced through instant patching can cause significant follow on business risk. The course is customised on a client by client basis to ensure maximum value is obtained through practical examples and case studies.

Throughout this session we look at how hackers, social engineers and others with malicious intentions use and leverage small very common issues and vulnerabilities towards a complex attack with significant potential consequences. We look at how the long term strategies that hackers often employ to gather information from a number of sources can over time build an arsenal from small vulnerabilities that can have long reaching significant consequences and the dangers of looking at an environment or application in isolation from the end to end system which it forms a part of.

This is often a useful workshop following the outcomes of Penetration Testing, Red Cell Assessments and other security reviews.

On Demand Contact us for more information.

We really appreciate the effort you put into the social engineering presentation for our Annual Development Day. Attendance was a record setting > 200 people and as always, you put on a good show that received overwhelmingly excellent feedback. One staff member has already advised she put the lessons learned into action, twice.

Relationship Manager
Banking Institution

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