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Security Due Diligence Assessments

Innovations in technology can represent exciting opportunities for businesses - especially when it comes to breaking down the lines of communication, sharing information with staff, clients and customers and making work processes faster and more efficient.

But new technology can also create a number of very serious security threats that can be devastating to your business.

This is why it is important to keep on top of the latest industry trends and potential vulnerabilities - having a good working knowledge of threats and ways they can be prevented is paramount to running a successful business.

Security threats can have widespread implications on your board of directors, as well as your organisation's risk and compliance profile, which is why it is important to have a vulnerability management and security due diligence strategy in place to ensure that decisions and investments are based on a measured assessment of security risk including those of:

  • Technology investments and pre-purchase assessments.
  • New Product Releases.
  • Service quality of Partners and Providers.
  • Internal security practices.

With SGVerify™ Due Diligence Assessments: threats, compliance gaps and measures appropriate to address risk and satisfy compliance requirements are clear. Accordingly, decision makers are armed with the means to soundly evaluate whether security measures provided are fit for purpose and are, as they should be and as they have been purported to be.

Identifying these risks as part of our security audit services can help to keep your business protected from threats and in line with best practice corporate governance. In addition, our due diligence assessments can help protect your company from any damage to reputation or customer confidence.  Should we find any vulnerabilities or ways your product can be exploited, you can rectify these problems discreetly.

Board and Director Due Diligence Assessments

When it comes to getting a complete understanding of your organisation's risk management and security processes, you will want to ensure you have a thorough picture of your company's opportunities and strengths, as well as weaknesses and threats.

Often, internal assessments are not comprehensive enough to provide boards with the information they need about the current security risks your business faces - as well as the measures that can be put into place to protect your firm.

This is why turning to the experts can be a wise idea if you are keen to take proactive measures to keep your sensitive information safe.

The Board and Director Due Diligence Assessments offered by Securus Global provide an extensive look into any security threats faced by your business - as well as the impact these could have on director and board liability.

Our SG Verify Due Diligence Assessments are an independent compliance and security risk review that can evaluate any new technology investments your company may be considering, which can help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

We can also carry out a security audit on your company's internal security practices, as well as the quality of services offered by your partners and providers.

The specialists at Securus Global can make recommendations based on our findings and offer advice and alternative solutions when needed to improve security risk management across the board.

We can also liaise directly with vendors and providers to make sure that contractual provisions for compliance and regulatory requirements are met and maintained.

What kind of companies does Securus Global help?

At Securus Global, we are committed to building positive, trusting relationships with all our clients, who include major Australian and global brands across numerous industries.

Software and hardware vendors enlist our skilled staff to test their products before they go on the market, and our security consulting services have helped businesses across the retail, telecommunications and financial services sectors protect their assets and information.

We are committed to raising the bar when it comes to vulnerability management, assurance and advisory services - and you'll find our team goes out of our way to ensure your firm remains on track when it comes to security.

Securus has been partnering with 2 of my organisations for some 5 years now. We continue to use them because of the vast knowledge and experience in IT security. Their expertise and customer service focus allows my organisations to confidently use the Internet as a primary business portal.

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