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PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (more commonly referred to as PCI DSS) is the international security standard for organisations taking payments via credit and debit cards to minimise risk to consumers and providers of fraud, sanctions and reputational damage.

This multi-faceted standard includes a number of different requirements surrounding critical protective measures, software design, security management, procedures, policies and network architecture and is set out by the Payment Cards Industry's Security Standards Council.

PCI compliance is an essential component of your business' security practices, regardless of the processes and technology you use if you store, process or handle credit card and card holder information.

At Securus Global, we are committed to helping you protect your company's security and ensuring your key staff members are kept up to date on the latest trends, good practice, and compliance requirements.

What PCI DSS services does Securus Global provide?

Through our strong ties with banks, payment card brands and the regulatory authorities, we are able to offer our clients a dedicated commitment to PCI DSS compliance and planning.

We can assist your organisation with the development of new policies and procedures, as well as providing assessments of any third-party providers you may work with.

Our team can also carry out architecture and design reviews and evaluate the existing technologies you have in place to identify any gaps in PCI DSS compliance.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest developments and are frequently called upon to offer commentary and insight on industry issues.

The PCI DSS experts at Securus Global firmly believe that when it comes to business security, knowledge is power. This is why we aim to provide you with the essential information you require to make educated decisions about the systems and capabilities you currently have in place - and protect your company's reputation and sensitive details.

Regardless of the technology and processes you employ, ultimately the effectiveness of your businesses security depends on people.

PCI compliance training

The SGTrainingâ„¢ program provides interactive and CBT workshops to assist you with your training and communication requirements around the PCI DSS.

Our customised sessions include the webinar-based PCI Developer Training, which concludes with an interactive competency-based questionnaire on how software implementation and design can be implemented and created with security in mind.

Your key staff members can also attend a half-day course on the same subject matter - the experts at Securus Global can even tailor the workshop contents to meet your individual procedures, requirements and concerns, as well as any problems your company currently faces.

We also offer a program titled Understanding and Demystifying the PCI DSS, which is a great option for organisations that are just starting out with PCI compliance and can be booked on demand with the Securus Global team.

I want to personally thank you for your work on our PCI DSS audit. Your knowledge and experience really shined through and helped clarify what was our responsibility, what was the client's and most importantly how it all fit in within the context of the PCI council's requirements. You made the process seems so easy, handled it without fuss and easily defused any hot items staying calm and collected at all times. As you know I've already recommended you to another company so hopefully you'll hear from them in the near future and I will certainly recommend that we use you and Securus Global again when the need arises. Thanks for all your help.

Account Security Manager
Independent IT Service Provider

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