Why social information systems require extra vulnerability management efforts

March 21, 2012

As firms move away from a 'knowledge management' mindset – where the information available to employees is strictly controlled – there are a number of important considerations that need to be addressed.

While the free exchange of ideas available through transparent data exchanges such as internal wikis and open archive servers can be of great value to a firm, they can also open doors for malicious parties to gain access to privileged information.

Being able to access details can enable staff members to make informed decisions faster, but the trusting nature of such a build means that a company needs to be extra vigilant in terms of vulnerability management.

This is because once an intruder has access to a system, they may be able to freely access a range of material that would otherwise be segregated according to the firm's hierarchy.

It also means that social engineering attempts and online lures can be more dangerous to a company than other, more direct efforts of penetration – as all a party needs is a set of employee credentials in order to be able to gain access to privileged details and valuable digital assets.

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