What Changed Laws will mean to IT Scrutiny from the board – SMH Article

April 13, 2012

Recent changes to corporations legislation and an increased focus on director due diligence and the importance at the board level on the development and oversight of the IT risk and security culture and management of an organisation.

In a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Drazen Drazic, Securus Global Managing Director commented about what should be considered prudent risk management in IT and cloud security considerations and the importance of a strong board and director focus on IT Security Management.

Here is a a Overview of the article .

Prudent risk management should include IT and cloud security considerations.

Recent changes to the Corporations Act 2001 means that board members will increasingly scrutinise the IT risk and security culture of an organisation, which will impact CIOs in a number of ways, including the need to do due diligence when handing over sensitive corporate data to cloud service providers

Late last year a raft of regulations were pushed through to foster greater accountability among board members, according to SecurusGlobal founder Drazen Drazic, who said this was in response to the lack of corporate oversight that triggered the events leading up to the global financial crisis.

Security Due Diligence Assessments

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