How vulnerability management requires thinking outside the box

April 17, 2012

As the number of interactions between organisations and stakeholders is enabled by advances in technologies, the amount of information retained by many businesses is bound to increase.

The opportunities available to companies engaging in this kind of activity are enormous – intensive analysis of so-called 'big data' collections can lead to advances in product and service offerings, as well as enhancements to a range of corporate communications.

However, this information is still valuable to other parties without further treatment, meaning that firms need to be prepared to look after their investment.

Vulnerability management is not a simple process that requires a basic stop-gap approach – it is more of a cycle that involves a number of steps.

After deciding on the security state preferred by the company, the firm needs to compare this to the measures currently in place.

This activity requires a fair bit of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in order to develop viable scenarios where the company would be in danger of losing control over its proprietary data, as these penetration avenues may not always be immediately obvious.

By keeping an open mind on the subject of vulnerability management – or making use of professional testers – a firm is able to identify the gaps well in advance and can act to stop a threat becoming a reality.

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