Security patches assist enterprise vulnerability management tasks

June 03, 2012

Keeping on top of security patches can form a large part of an organisation’s vulnerability management activities, depending on the degree of sophistication of the systems involved.

For firms that rely heavily on Microsoft infrastructure, May 8 is likely to be a busy time for information officers as there are a number of crucial updates that will be made available.

Known colloquially as ‘Patch Tuesday’ the date coincides with the time of months when the software giant releases its range of security fixes to newly discovered vulnerabilities.

This latest issue will help to provide cover for a range of popular programs including Microsoft Office, Windows, the .NET Framework and Silverlight – all of which enjoy common usage throughout commercial, governmental and third-sector organisations.

For information technology officers, the challenge will be to ensure that their infrastructure receives the best possible results from the security updates – while the installation does not affect the smooth running of the business’ various operations.

One of the biggest problems facing staff members tasked with patch deployment is the time taken to backup proprietary information before the patches are deployed, followed by systems testing to ensure the additions do not interfere with customised settings and macros.

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