PCI compliance no longer the boogeyman of retail enterprise

June 05, 2012

Selling goods directly to consumers can take many different forms – from chain retailers and bulk wholesale outlets to more bespoke providers that tailor their offerings to suit each client.

This makes the challenges each enterprise faces fairly unique, as changes in demographic, locations, suppliers and other market factors require careful monitoring and responses in order to realise profits.

One of the more common factors that requires regular review is the frameworks surrounding the firm’s payment card industry data security standards ( PCI DSS ) compliance efforts.

With all of the commitments already in place at an enterprise – to consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders – it can be understandable that other areas can be overlooked for months at a time.

However, the security standards put in place by the Payment Card Council are constantly being updated as new threats to customer information are discovered and assessed.

This makes the services of a professional PCI compliance team a valuable addition to any retailer’s set of service providers – protecting their customers’ sensitive information from potential misuse.

While clients and stakeholders are not directly liable for losses incurred on their cards under a range of circumstances, the blow in brand confidence can still be crippling to enterprises of any size.

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