Wayne Ronaldson Social Engineering Presentation @ AISA Brisbane

June 06, 2012

AISA Brisbane Branch Meeting: Social Engineering aisa.org.au

Starts: Wednesday 27 June 2012, 4:45PM Finishes: Wednesday 27 June 2012, 6:00PM Venue: BDO, Level 15, HSBC Building, 300 Queen Street, Brisbane Topic: Social Engineering – a Real Life Case Study

In this presentation, Wayne demonstrates how an organisation can be easily compromised through social engineering techniques. He presents an actual real-life case study mapped against his perfect score at the 2010 Defcon Social Engineering Tournament in Las Vegas, (that received global press coverage and even supposedly caught the eye of the FBI). Wayne will take you through his planning, preparation and target reconnaissance, methods of attack, and his approach to get his desired outcome(s) – culminating in how he ultimately could have / (did) own a large global corporation in 25 minutes.more information on Red Cell and Social Engineering Assessments


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