Cloud for disaster recovery

June 07, 2012

Comprehensive security systems are essential to protect sensitive business information in the event of a disaster – and businesses of all sizes should ensure they make adequate preparations.

This is the message conveyed by Symantec in a recent survey, which showed that businesses of all sizes are increasingly looking to new technologies – including cloud computing and virtualisation – when creating their disaster recovery plans.

Information protection is particularly important. Symantec recommends utilising comprehensive backup and security solutions to offer protection for your mobile, virtual and physical systems.

Small businesses should start creating a disaster preparedness plan immediately if they do not already have one in place, Symantec asserts.

Emergencies – which can range from large-scale natural disasters to the loss or theft of laptops and mobile devices – are often when businesses are at their most vulnerable, which is why planning ahead is so crucial.

Businesses of all sizes who are considering new technologies as part of a disaster recovery plan may find that penetration testing proactively alerts you to any potential vulnerabilities – allowing you to take action to prevent a serious security breach.

“Technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility, combined with a sound plan and comprehensive security and data protection solutions, enable SMBs to better prepare for and quickly recover from potential disasters,” said Steve Cullen of Symantec.

He added that small businesses in particular “cannot afford lengthy downtimes”.

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