Vulnerability management vital in battle against online threats

June 16, 2012

It’s no secret that businesses need to take measures to protect their essential data on a regular basis – ever-changing cyber threats mean that security processes also need to evolve.

When it comes to monitoring an organisation’s security, it’s important to consider the various option – internal reviews, third-party testing, or a combination of the two.

Often, internal reviews on their own can be inefficient – which is why an impartial assessment can be a useful measure of how effective security measures are.

This provides a thorough breakdown of strengths and weaknesses – a team of highly trained experts can seek out and identify the most common flaws in security systems, as well as locating out-of-the-box problems which may not occur to those without specific industry knowledge.

Once those vulnerabilities are assessed, it is then essential to evaluate how any potential weaknesses affect the security of your business.

A good risk assessment will address any changes that need to be implemented, schedule further evaluation for future dates when security could again become compromised, and plan for the future.

Internet and computer technology is constantly evolving, with new software designs and systems emerging on a regular basis. Businesses who allow their vulnerability management systems to stagnate are potentially putting themselves at risk.

Not having complete security measures in place can have a range of consequences, ranging from simple lapses in security which make confidential documents available to unqualified employees to creating backdoors that are susceptible to cybercrime.

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