Retailers ‘becoming more vulnerable to attack’

July 05, 2013

Retailers are likely to find themselves increasingly prone to cyber attacks, especially as their systems become more and more complex.

This is according to Abe Lietz, chief information officer and vice-president of information systems for Jenny Craig, who believes that retailers have so far been largely unaffected.

"As retailers are modernising their endpoints, often adding more commodity operating systems, they are becoming more approachable to attacks. We're definitely hearing about it more of late," he explained to SC Magazine.

Mr Lietz explained that there are now more areas of the business that attackers are able to exploit, which is why penetration testing is becoming so important to ensure the security of online systems.

He emphasised that POS and corporate networks should not be viewed as immune to attacks, while Windows and IP-enabled technology is just as vulnerable as other internet-connected PCs.

It would seem that more organisations are starting to take their security seriously, as Gartner predicts that spending on security budgets could hit $1.7 billion this year.

This represents a rise of 12.2 per cent from last year, as companies recognise that basic security systems are no longer enough to keep out increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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