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Conferences & Presentations

Securus Global has a strong team recognised locally and abroad as specialists in their fields and respected by their peers. Our staff are regularly sought after to present and provide their opinion as experts to industry, media, education and our clients.

If you need the opinion of a subject matter expert or are looking for a innovative, dynamic presenter please contact .

Feel free to review our news archive for previous representations made for online news and information sources.

Our team has a wide range of specialities and research focus from senior business focussed specialists, respected PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessors and Technical Researchers and Analysts respected globally. Previous presentations and representations include:

  • YOW! Connected 2014 - Developing Secure iOS Applications. Presentation Slides .
  • April 2014 SG Breakfast Brief - Hacking Mobile Applications. Presentation Slides .
  • SG Security Briefing - Mobile Security. Presentation Slides
  • Ruxmon Melbourne Presentation - ActiveRecord SQL Injection.
  • Industry Security Briefing - 'SDL What' - War stories and tips for securing your SDLC. Presentation Slides .
  • AISA Brisbane Conference - Social Engineering Risks and Tactics. Presentation Slides .
  • Industry Security Briefing - 'PCI DSS Staying Compliant - Lessons From The Field'. Presentation Slides .
  • IT Security Conference in Melbourne 2011.
  • Lawtech Summit in Brisbane September 2011.
  • Oceania CACS 2011 QLD Defcon CTF.
  • ISACA session 13 December 2011 - Red Cell.
  • ISACA sessions March 2011 - Social Engineering.
  • RED Cell August 11, 2011 [multiple clients].
  • Social Engineering 2012  [multiple clients].
  • Social Engineering 2011    [multiple clients].
  • Ruxmon: Mongodb injections.
  • Auscert: NoSQL databases.
  • Insecurities of HTML5 Client Side Storage - AusCERT at Gold Coast, Royal Pines Resort, 2011.
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Ruxcon, 2011.
  • I like it I will stay there. Exploiting Tomcat Web Application Server.November 2010, AISA National Seminar Day Sydney.
  • Social Engineering - Risks to Businesses. November 2010, AISA National Seminar Day Melbourne.
  • Web Application Beginner and Intermediate Training. November 2010, Ruxcon.
  • Developer and Presenter of the CTF Capture the Flag Competition. November 2010, Ruxcon.
  • Securus Global Employee Runner-Up on the Social Engineering Capture the Flag. October 2010, DEFCON.
  • Drazen Drazic, CEO on the Judging Panel, May 2010, SC Magazine 2010 Awards.
  • Louis Nyffenegger presents on SQL Injection, April 2010, OWASP.
  • Declan Ingram Demystifying the PCI DSS, March 2010, Cards and Payments 2010.
  • Declan Ingram on How You Can Mess Up PCI, March 2010, Risky Business Presentation.

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