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Technology & Professional Services

Securus Global works with a number of Australia's leading technology services companies; including technology outsourcing, software development and systems integration organisations both directly and as a partner to provide value added specialist IT security advice, assessments and compliance services.

Our Technology and Professional Services customers have unique requirements to other industries. In addition to having their own internal security and compliance requirements, they are also looking for opportunities to provide value added services to their customers that complement their business. IT security is certainly one area that provides synergies to many businesses.

Securus Global can help with both. We have a detailed knowledge as a technology and professional services organization to understand how these organisations work, the security and confidentiality requirements required and the need for security for competitive advantage.

Further, because of our positioning and experience in industries such as Banking & Finance, Government, Telecommunications, Retail and Education, we are ideally positioned to support technology services companies who wish to service clients in these and other industries.

Securus has been partnering with 2 of my organisations for some 5 years now. We continue to use them because of the vast knowledge and experience in IT security. Their expertise and customer service focus allows my organisations to confidently use the Internet as a primary business portal.

Large IT Distribution Company

Examples of how we have worked with technology services companies include:

  • Definition and establishment of IT security and management systems for technology services companies and their clients.
  • Pre rollout security reviews of new applications, websites and technology products.
  • Provision of secure code development for development houses.
  • Independent security assurance capability for software development and system design projects, prior to release.
  • Managed security services.
  • Specialist information and IT security technical services to complement the implementation skills of the systems integration.
  • Provision of PCI DSS Qualified Assessor Audits for professional services organisations.
  • Security Reviews on all IT Integration projects and product reviews for a large IT Integrator.
  • Provision of Vulnerability Assessment, Web Application Firewall, Web Application Scanning (WAS) and Configuration and Audit Log Management solutions for managed services arrangements.
  • Penetration Testing of professional services
  • Incident Investigations for law firms.
  • PCI DSS Assessments for hosted network services for PCI Compliance.
  • Virtual Teams and security professionals to supplement FTE resources

For more information regarding how Securus Global can help your Technology and Professional Services for references and specific projects and engagements, please contact us at or call us on (02) 9283 0255 to arrange for one of our Technology and Professional Services Relationship Managers to discuss your requirements.

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