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Exploitation Technologies


CANVAS is a trusted security assessment tool that allows penetration testing and hostile attack simulations by security professionals. Over 500 customers worldwide currently take advantage of CANVAS to properly understand exposure and manage risk.

Recognized as a best of breed penetration framework, CANVAS takes vulnerability management to the next level. False positives are eliminated via professional exploitation of vulnerabilities. After successful compromise, users can grab a screen-shot, download password credentials, manipulate the target file system, and elevate privileges. All this provides indisputable proof that a vulnerability is present.

D2 Exploitation Pack

The D2 Exploitation Pack is a bundle of more than 100 security modules, most of which are designed to be used with Immunity CANVAS. These modules are created and tuned to help security professionals during their penetration tests. Most of the exploits are unpublished and are reliable against new system protections like Data Execution Protection (DEP) on Windows or Execshield on Linux.

Reliable and multi-target local and remote exploits for Windows and Linux
Exploits for Windows and Linux software
Includes MetaKern, an automatic exploitation tool for Linux local kernel
Includes post exploitation and anti-forensics tools

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